Kobold Property


The Kobold property covers the drainage of a stream from which a sample registering 302ppm cobalt was taken.  This is the 4th highest cobalt value of more than 64,000 stream/mossmat samples in the British Columbia Regional Geochemistry Survey database (provincial surveys from 1976 to the present).

The extremely high cobalt value is accompanied by an equally anomalous value in copper, 2,622ppm, the 6th highest in the BC Regional Survey database.  Cobalt and copper are often associated, the most famous example being the Tenke Fungurume deposit in the African Copper Belt (currently the world’s largest  supplier of cobalt).

Silver Grail plans follow-up geochemical sampling, prospecting and geological mapping on the Kobold in 2018, in an attempt to ascertain the source of the geochemical anomaly. 


Satellite photo of Kobold property.