Roman Property


The Roman property covers the western end of a large ultramafic body located in the Talc Creek area near Harrison Lake, British Columbia.  Geochemical surveys (soil  and rock) and a 3D Induced Polarization survey have been carried out over small parts of the property.  One of these areas shows anomalous levels of cobalt (defined by cobalt contours of 150, 200 and 300ppm in soil geochem sampling on a limited grid, to a high of 1314ppm cobalt); the other shows a geochem soil anomaly containing anomalous levels of cobalt, arsenic and nickel which may be related to a IP anomaly at depth.. 

The property is in the same belt of rocks as the nearby Giant Mascot mine which operated from 1958-74, a known host of nickel and copper with minor cobalt and PGE mineralization.  There are some broad similarities in the geological setting but the arsenic accompanying one of the nickel-cobalt soil anomalies suggests that another mineral, perhaps a nickel-cobalt arsenide, may be causing the anomaly.

Silver Grail plans intense follow-up geochemical sampling to fill in the gaps between the two surveyed areas, and possibly more IP surveys.  Positive results from this program could lead to a decision to drill the property.  The Roman property is jointly owned with Teuton Resources Corp.


Satellite photo of Roman property.