Five Cobalt Properties Acquired in British Columbia

April 5, 2018–Vancouver, BC:   Silver Grail Resources Ltd. (“Silver Grail”) ( (“SVG”-TSX-V) is pleased to announce the acquisition of five separate cobalt properties in British Columbia.  The properties were acquired from a private company controlled by the President of Silver Grail for reimbursement of costs of staking.  The private company will retain a 2% Net Smelter Royalty and any future purchase of the royalty by the Company will require regulatory approval (cf. Location Map, below, showing 5 new cobalt properties, plus pre-existing Roman cobalt property).

Cobalt is currently a much sought after metal.  Demand has grown remarkably and is expected to accelerate as production of electrical batteries comes onstream to underpin the growing electrical car market.  Price for cobalt has climbed steeply from $10/lb to over $40/lb since mid-2016.

The five properties contain streams from which stream sediment/moss mat samples taken during BC Regional Geochemistry surveys all reported extremely anomalous levels of cobalt.  On one of the properties, the Pacifico, covering an area of 1,850 hectares, three distinct streams had samples with cobalt contents of 178, 214 and 584ppm.  The 584ppm anomaly is the highest recorded for cobalt in the province of more than 64,000 stream sediment/moss mat samples; the 214ppm value is the 7th highest cobalt in the province (cf., Cobalt Geochemistry map, below, for the Pacifico property, Vancouver Island).

Another property, the Kobald, features a stream from which a sediment sample recorded 302ppm, the 4th highest cobalt in the province. It was accompanied by a very anomalous level of copper, 2,622ppm, the 6th highest copper value in the province.

Notably, three of the new cobalt properties contain stream sediments that are also very anomalous in manganese, including the 3rd and 6th highest values in the province, suggesting a cobalt-manganese mineral may be the source.  Manganese, like cobalt, is an important battery component in the green revolution and it is also an important additive in the steel industry.  Its price has risen 40% since 2016.

Follow-up work is planned as soon as weather conditions permit.  Further stream geochemical sampling will be accompanied by property wide prospecting to try and determine the source of the anomalies.  Any targets produced by this work could be subject to a drill program.

The five new properties, which are 100% owned, complement the Company’s 50% interest in the Roman property, which covers the western end of a large ultramafic body located just east of Harrison Lake on Talc Creek.  Limited soil geochemical surveys conducted in past years have outlined two distinct anomalous areas.  One of these contains a series of 200+ppm cobalt soil anomalies with peak values to 1,314   ppm.  The other contains a Co-Ni-As soil anomaly located downhill of an Induced Polarization anomaly.  More work is planned on this property consisting of expanded geochemical and IP surveys.  The Roman is a promising property with excellent early indications for hosting cobalt mineralization (cf. Roman property, Compilation Map, below).

Dino Cremonese, P.Eng., President of Silver Grail commented as follows: “The high cobalt anomalies recorded in BC government Regional Geochemical Surveys suggest the existence of undiscovered cobalt-bearing structures.  These are to be followed up as soon as snow conditions permit, a classic first step in grass roots exploration.  Early in my career, in the 1980’s, I took a number of stream sediment samples from a creek in the Stewart region, all of which returned highly anomalous levels of gold and zinc.  Subsequent prospecting uphill from the samples resulted in the discovery of the Red Mountain gold deposits, which some thirty years later are being readied for production (estimated to occur in 2020).  Let us hope that we may enjoy similar success.”

The Company’s website contains more information for all of the new cobalt properties.

Silver Grail also owns interests in 12 separate silver-gold properties in the Stewart region in the southern section of the Golden Triangle.  Many of these prospects have been held since the 1980’s.

The Qualified Person for the purposes of this news release is Dino Cremonese, P.Eng., President of Silver Grail Resources Ltd.; Mr. Cremonese, as president and director of the Company, is not independent of the Company.



“Dino Cremonese, P.Eng.”

President, Silver Grail Resources Ltd.


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