Cobalt Blue Property


The Cobalt Blue property covers a stream from which a sample registering 150ppm cobalt was taken, which is in the >99.5 percentile range of more than 64,000 stream/mossmat samples taken during various British Columbia Regional Geochemistry Surveys taken throughout the province from 1976 to the present. 

This cobalt values is accompanied by an extremely anomalous levels of manganese, 62,500ppm, the 3rd highest in the BC Regional Geochemistry database.  Cobalt is often associated with manganese as Co is known to partially substitute for Mn in various minerals. Deep seabed nodules containing large amounts of cobalt and manganese are known to occur at many locations throughout the ocean floors but are not yet commercially extractable.  Coblalt-manganese oxide minerals such as asbolite occur in Australia, Africa and other parts of the world.

Silver Grail plans follow-up geochemical sampling, prospecting and geological mapping on the Pacifico in 2018, in an attempt to ascertain the source of the geochemical anomalies.


Satellite photo of Cobalt Blue property.